Youth Worship is HARD!

I LOVE leading youth in worship. It can be AWESOME! But there are some unique challenges as well…

Why is youth worship often so much more difficult than Sunday Morning worship?


Young People are usually less mature and more self conscious Teenagers are notorious for being self conscious. Boys have voice change issues. Boys are trying to impress girls. Girls are trying to get attention from the boys. Those things get in the way of young people singing their hearts out to the Lord.

Teens are more likely to be there because someone made them. Nothing like trying to lead people in worship who are there because they have to be instead of because they want to be. You can’t MAKE someone worship.

The crowd is smaller.  Anytime you are in the same size room with less people, it’s harder to create that sense of momentum and really hear each other.

You are usually working with less experienced musicians and technicians ‘nuff said.

Why do I say all this? To discourage you? No way! I say this so you cut yourself some slack if you are trying to lead worship and find it difficult. It is a miracle from the Lord when anyone worships the one true living God. Doubly so for a group of modern day US teenagers. If your youth are able to worship God passionately, Praise God!



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