vision1More Vision Night questions, …. more “practical” stuff ….

How can I as a leader server you better?
How can we as servants, serve one another better?
If we really want to offer our best to God and his people … what kinds of things can we do to inspire us?
Should we go on a retreat together?  Should we attend a training event or worship concert together?
Are we “overpreparing” or “underpreparing” for Sunday morning worship times?
What is our long term strategy?
Who are we discipling?  Who is discipling us?  Can we give names?
Do you have a prayer buddy?  Someone you could call in the middle of the night to pray with you if you needed it?  Are you that close?
How are we reaching our community with the Gospel as musicians?
What if we played at a local coffee shop or open mic night or something?
What if we wrote a song, recorded it and put it on youtube and shared it with our friends as a way of sharing the gospel.  Do you think that might work?
What if we did a free jam session at the local middle school?
What if we went to the old folks home and sang with them?
How would Jesus want us to use our musical gifts to bring hope to the most lost and hurting in our town?
If you weren’t “on the worship team” would you still be dedicated to Jesus and this church family?
How much time do you spend practicing your instrument?
How much time do you spend in private worship, using your instrument?  Ever?
Are there other churches in town that we might want to take a field trip to see sometime, to learn from them?
What is the next step in upping our game?  Play with a click?  Dynamics?  No more music stands?  How can we get there?
How can we make sure we don’t burn out?
That’s about all I can think of for now.  What would you add?  Make sure and send me a report and tell me how it goes!

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