Today at worship camp we went over a quick flyby of music history and thought you might enjoy the notes and links:

History of Worship Music

Section 1: Pre-History: 

We know very little because there were only crude notation methods:

From Adam through Patriarchs: Bedouin music with lyres out by the sheep

“trumpet”=shofar=ram’s horn

Temple Worship:

Choirs, Asaph with Cymbals, shofars, ….

Synagogue Worship:

focused on reading and chanting the Torah Scrolls.

Music in the early church:

varied, including everything from open air to deep in the catacombs


Section 2: History

Gregorian Chant



Johannes Sebastian Bach, Pipe Organs, 4 melodies at the same time

O Sacred head: Choir:

Pipe organ:

Tocatta and Fugue in Dminor


Mozart, piano, key word: balance


Beethoven, key word: expression


Section 3: Modern Recorded Music

Modern Abstract: 

John Cage: 4’33”, atonal music


Revival/Folk Music

-sacred harp shape note singing in the south

-George Beverly Shea: “I’d rather have Jesus”

Jesus Freak Revolution: 

missiological pop

Larry Norman: Why should the devil have all the good music

How does the room and context effect music?

Worship around the world:

African worship:

Chinese music:

Arabic music:

Australian Aboriginal Music

Swedish Folk Song

Russian Folk Song

Modern Popular styles

Jazz, Country, Swing, Rock, Dance, Dubstep, …




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  2. A student named Lillian sent in a link to another page full of historical info on music. Definitely worth checking out:—History-Resources-for-Teachers-A598.html

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