snacksWe started this morning by lining all our little soldiers up and did a short rhythm exercise, then headed off to the classroom where we did a quick review and then dove into some teaching on the spiritual battle that we are facing.  Exodus 15:3 says “the Lord is a warrior, Jehovah is His name” and Ephesians 6 talks about the spiritual battle we are facing.  After another short snack break we had a specialized teaching session on music theory centering on acoustics (the physics of sound) and cables and then did our sound system challenge.  Then it was lunch time and we did some interviews to find out what the kids have learned and liked so far.  Then we went through all the songs again in various positions, experimenting with what combinations work.  After another yummy snack including watermelon (Thanks Olsons again!) we had a short prayer time and cleaned up a little and another day was done!

We did a LOT of writing today, so check out a .pdf of our notes here:

2013 June 19 Worship Camp Day 3 Notes

We’ll try post some more pictures online on our facebook album:

See you tomorrow for our last day of 10-4 … remember that on Friday the schedule is 9-12 and then coming back in the evening for our concert at 7!  Invite your friends and family!


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