1013689_544163565630013_1462085379_nWe had a great day today. Let’s run through the events of the day.  We started by welcoming our 12 campers and many jr interns, collecting paperwork, writing name tags and putting our lunches away.  Then we took some time to welcome each other to worship camp and played some name games and took some time to go over the most important story of all time: the Gospel!

Then we went off to class for some study on Theology (about how we are God’s Masterpiece in Ephesians 2:10) and Music Theory (music=organized sound, 3 big questions: when? what? how loud?) followed by some snack time.  Then we did an intro of all the stations including:

  1. producer
  2. sound
  3. words
  4. lights
  5. drums
  6. piano
  7. vocals
  8. acoustic guitar
  9. bass guitar
  10. electric guitar
  11. keys

Then we went off to lunch and then went through a full rotation of all the stations, so everyone got a chance to try everything, playing a very simple song: “you are so good to me” which mostly uses just 2 chords, G and C.

After another snack break we went and did some bible study on Genesis 1 and Psalm 33:3 and had a great time singing praises to God.  Then after just a few minutes of clean up it was time to go!

If you want to see our notes for the day, check out this pdf: June 17 2013 worship camp reports

If you want to see some of the pictures we took today, check out this facebook link:


See y’all tomorrow!


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