Today we started right in on academics in the classroom covering the Great Commandment and the Great Commission and how music as an abstract language fits into that.  Communication is at the very heart of any loving relationship and is essential in bringing the good news to a lost and hurting world!  Then Josie Colby, the worship leader from Camano Chapel came in for some special instruction focusing on bringing out the heart of worship and servanthood through our body language as well as our holiness throughout our lives.  Being part of the worship team is a high calling!  Fantastic stuff that could have gone on and on…, but it was time for lunch!  After that we split into 2 groups again for some band practice.  Then we had guest lecturer Siri Maier teach a master class on using apple’s mainstage synth software in worship, while Jason gave the guitar players a master class on using guitars in worship.  After a short popsicle break we headed back to the classroom for an overview of languages used in the church and an overview of music history.  We learned that God’s people have worshipped in many different languages and styles of music and we are anxious to see his praises sung in every language, dialect, musical style, …. using every instrument and technology …. by people from every nation on the planet!  We have a rich world of musical variation to draw from and a wide audience across the globe to reach!  We got to listen to a bunch of audio clips … and then it was time to go!

Pictures from today:

Paperwork from today:

2012-07-31 Worship Camp Report.pdf

Music History:

See y’all tomorrow!



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