On day 5, the last day of Worship Camp, we learned about God’s Holiness by reading the story from 2 Samuel 6 about King David bringing the ark of the LORD into Jerusalem. First they did it the wrong way, on a cart and Uzzah paid with his life.  Then they moved it the right way, on poles, according to God’s instructions and they celebrated with all their might, even though this was embarrassing to some.  After our study on Holiness we practiced our new song, “Revelation Song” and then reviewed all of our previous songs to get ready for the concert tonight!


Day 5 notes

Tonight we’ll do our group huddle at 6:30 and then have our concert from 7:00-8:00.  Feel free to invite any friends and family you want!

Here’s a facebook event link, in case you want to use it:



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