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How do we attract, develop, and keep your worship team members – NW Ministry Session

How do we Attract, Develop, and Keep a worship team?

Discipling in Worship Ministry









Attract… (Crowd 5000/120/70)

Make your onramp longer! Add farming system! – JAM 

  • -start informal, low commitment, get to know each other
  • -don’t expect ready made … see the diamond in the rough
  • -don’t judge too quickly because of age

Develop… (Discipleship Pool 70/12)

  • -Invite to serve – heart check – Cleaning
  • -Build relationships = Dinner
  • -Challenge your team spiritually = prayer/study   and musically
  • -Dream/Raise the bar together  -let the group and the shared vision be the bad guy… but don’t be afraid to be the bad guy if you need to, or everyone suffers.  It’s the job of being the parent, the leader.  Trust God and cut if He leads you to.  Pruning can often be the missing element for a healthy ministry!

Keep… (Inner Circle 12/3)

  •  Choose your key 12/3, invest more time in them, challenge them to lead the others. For example: key bass player trains up more bass players, …
  • Relationships and Shared Vision are the key reasons why people stay.
  • Celebrate, Encourage what’s done right!
  • Network: Connect your fishbowl to a bigger pool or you will stagnate.

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