So today we started by writing encouragement on each other’s posters and running through the songs we are doing tonight.  Then we had a delicious snack break with fruit, otter pops and cupcakes (thanks Leanne!) And after a short review we discussed our attribute of God for the day: God is LOVE.  Each one of the kids prayed out loud, thanking God for one of the things they love about Him.  Then we thanked God for each of our campers, shared encouragement with each of them and prayed a prayer of blessing over them.  Then we took one last run through each of the songs and our day was up!

2013 June 21 Worship Camp Day 5 Notes

1005272_544204135625956_909665443_nNow it’s home to practice up and get ready for our concert tonight at 7pm!  See you there!



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