We started our third day off  with a session on understanding melodies and harmonies by pulling in acoustics, harmonic series, music theory, music notation, music history, …  We focused on the major scale and the pentatonic scale and learned about traditional sheet music notation, hungarian solfege, classical chord theory notation and finally the popular modern nashville number system.

After lunch we did an overview of sound systems and followed the signal path from microphone to speaker and everyone who hadn’t already completed the “sound system challenge” got a chance to follow the signal for themselves and clear all the blockages that their team mate had put in the way (mixing up cables, unplugging things, turning on mute, …) Then it was off to group voice lessons where we focused on breathing, relaxing, opening our mouths, experimenting with tone, the difference between singing with and without a microphone,  and more.  Then it was back to practicing our instruments as bands in multiple rooms, starting to move slowly towards getting a few songs ready for Friday evening.  Finally, at the end we looked at the story of Abraham and Isaac and just how much God loves us.

Written Notes from today: 2012-08-01 Worship Camp Report

Pictures from today: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.415788468467524.89173.107715789274795&type=1



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