Urgent update … we have shifted the second worship camp and added a Media Camp!  Register Online Now!

Also, print and fill out our Release Form: 2013 Release Form

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  • Worship Camp week 1: June 17-21 Target Grades 5+
  • Media Camp: August 15-17 (Thurs-Fri-Sat) Target Grades 5+
  • Worship Camp week 2: August 19-23 Target Grades 8+

$Tuition = Donation.  (see note below)

No experience or instruments required

Schedule: Mo-Thursday 10-4, Friday 9-12, Friday Concert @ 7pm

At Cedarhome Baptist Church in Stanwood, WA, 29000 68th Ave NW, Stanwood, WA.

Check out all the posts on this website and on facebook and youtube for pics, descriptions, videos and more of past year’s camps.


  • Sign up!  Please don’t let lack of money keep you from signing up.  If your student wants to come and money is the only thing holding you back, sign up!  God will provide. If not through you, perhaps through someone else (grandparents? extended family?  church family?) Pay whatever the Lord lays on your heart and what He allows.
  • Think of it as an investment in the spiritual and musical training for your child.  How much is that worth?
  • Cedarhome is gracious enough to offer us the use of the facilities and our trainers are all willing to come help without any guarantee of payment, so our overhead is very low.  Many of them have benefited from people who have generously invested in them.  It is thanks to their generosity that we are able to keep costs down.
  • Most secular music day camps cost $200 for a couple hours a day, or $500+ for all day.  Private music lessons at the local music store will cost you about $40 an hour, so for about 25 hours of instruction, you’d be looking at $1,000.
  • If you are still wondering what you should pay and need us to suggest an amount, we think that $199 for a full week of musical and spiritual instruction sounds like a great target zone.
  •  Checks should be made out to “Show and Tell Family Projects”, our wonderful sponsors and aren’t needed until the offering time during the big final worship concert on Friday.

Can you tell that we aren’t doing it for the money?  We are doing this because the Lord has called us to it.  We are confident that “a worker is worth his wages” (Luke 10:7, 1 Tim 5:18)  and “the Lord will provide” (Philippians 4:19)  We trust the Lord!

Whew!  Enough about the money, let’s make some music for our wonderful, amazing God!

Sign up today to join us!


2 Responses to 2013 Worship Camps + Media Camp

  1. Jeanne Mirgon says:

    Clairesse and I will be there tomorrow with two Condon kids. Praying the week will go smoothly as we finish packing Clairesse to leave for Germany on Thursday. Don’t plan on us for Thursday. 🙂 Clairesse has to write a report on the Political system of the US to present in Germany too. Pray for that as well. See you tomorrow!

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