vision1A good friend of mine is going to have a “Vision Night” with his worship team.  A time to get together and enjoy a meal and pray and discuss what God might want them to do as a worship team in this next season …  He asked what questions I might put out there for the team to discuss…Here was my response.




Vision night for worship ministry.  That sounds fascinating.  What a great idea.  Maybe I should do that!  What questions would I consider worthy of discussion?

-What would Jesus think?
If Jesus walked in incognito on a Sunday morning to our Gathering, what would he find?  What would he think? Would he find everyone passionately engaged, loving him with all their heart, soul, mind & strength, … spurring one another on towards even more passionate, creative expression, running out of words and sounds and sights and movements because we are so blown away by his majesty?
Or would he find a group of tired people, going through the motions, barely participating out of a sense of empty ritual and duty, squabbling about whether or not they do your favorite song/style enough at your preferred volume level.  The band worrying about what they sound and look like to the people.  The people caring about being comfortable and left alone.
-What would Jesus want us to do about it? How can we truly serve and be examples to the congregation?
How could we really show the congregation that we care about them?  Are we praying for them?  What sorts of problems are they dealing with?  Could we show up early enough to get sound checked and practiced and prayed up so that when people walk in the door we can go and greet them and show them we care?  What these people really need is a passionate relationship with Jesus.  Do we have that?  How can we share that with them if we don’t have it?  Are these songs and the truth in them reverberating through our lives? Do we sing them in our private times with God?  What if we put our instruments down sometime and just stood there side by side with the congregation in a cappella worship?  Is it “important” for us to be up in front, or is it really about Jesus and we are just as happy to be the guy scraping the gum off the bottom of the chairs and sweeping and restacking and cleaning the toilets?  What if we had our songs and craft so practiced up that we didn’t need music, but had our minds free to be able to focus on the meaning of the words, focus on God, focus on helping to encourage our brothers and sisters in the room?  What if the relationship we had with God was so passionate and uniquely ours that we had to write some of our own songs to express what God has been showing us and how we want to respond to him, because only songs written by others would be too lazy, would be not personal enough, like making your own card instead of just buying one from the rack at the store.  Maybe it wouldn’t be quite as polished, but it would be personal and intimate and vulnerable.
Our Great King loved us so extravagantly … how can we worship him back with even just a little of extra extravagance?  What could we offer that would be a sweet smelling sacrifice to him?
Are we just making up answers to these questions or are we willing to spend some time praying and listening and waiting for him to answer?
Those were my suggestions.  How would you have answered him?  Have you done this with your worship team?  What did you learn?  Tell us the story!

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