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We had another great day with our 12 campers: Kit Kat, Salt, Pepper, the Sandwich Queen, Alika, Awesome, PeterPanda, Zaidensburg, Cougar, RJ, James, DJ, ¬†and at least half a dozen interns at any one time including Papa Rafiki, Viper, Jason Chan, Gandalf, Goose, Ice Man, Slider, Mimi, Queen Clairesse, Iris, Jessica and Megan ūüôā ¬†By my count that’s a total of 12 campers and 12 helpers, although not all of us can be there at the same time. ¬†Still, we usually had a teacher/student ratio of 1 teacher for every 2 students, which ROCKS! ¬†A special thanks to all of our wonderful volunteer helpers!

We started with practicing our nicknames and then moved into our classroom where we reviewed what we learned yesterday and then added some details to it. ¬†For music theory we added a little detail for scientific measurement of Hz, dB and bpm. ¬†For Theology, we went over the story of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples (Acts 2), and our theme for the day: Who am I? I am Spirit filled! ¬†After a good study session we went on to a full rotation on all the positions doing a simplified version of the song “Sing like the Saved”, with a short break for snacks.

Then it was time for lunch followed by another study session, this time on 1 Samuel 10 on the Spirit filling Saul and how he was led to make music and prophecy. ¬†After this we did another rotation starting with the the song “Every move I make”

and then moving on to ¬†“How He loves”

After some delicious snacks, including home made treats by the Olson family (Thanks!!!)  we did a little more review, including the fruit of the spirit song:

Then we ended by telling each other our life stories and how God stepped in and saved us all.

We’ll try to get pictures of today on facebook and add them to the facebo0k album:

If you haven’t liked us on facebook, now is the time!

If you want to take a look at our notes for the day, click the following link to download the .pdf:

2013 June 18 Worship Camp Day 2 Notes

And make plans to join us on Friday for our worship concert!


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