July 9, 2012 Worship Camp Report: Day 1, Level 1

Today was the first day of the first level of worship camp and we had a fantastic time!

We started off getting to know each other with some pretty fun moves, then did a bible study on God as our Creator in Genesis chapter one followed by a basic study on what music is.  After a yummy lunch break we started the first of two rotations through all the instruments including: drums, piano, acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, keys, sound engineer, visual DJ and producer on the song “You Are So Good to Me”.  Then we had one more short break and went on a speed rotation again, this time with the Matt Redman song, “Sing Like the Saved”.  Then we did a final review of the day and ended with some free time.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

We’re assembling the day’s media as we speak and will be posting the links below. 🙂


You can see all our pictures in our facebook album here:



We made a recording of our first ever run through on these instruments:




We took notes and did a review of the day.   Check out the .pdf here:



We’re still working on the video links… we’ll post them as we finish them. 🙂


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