Today was our second day of worship camp, and after welcoming Lucas who couldn’t make it yesterday, we started right in on our lesson about God as a Warrior, reading a number of passages include the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20. We took some time to work on our drumming skills and our singing.  We sang in various groups and locations.  After a lunch break we talked some more about the history of music and worked on our ear training exercises.  Then we went back to the full band practice with David Ruis’ song “Every move I make”.  After one last popsicle break we took another look at spiritual warfare and the role that singing plays.  Then we got a little crazy and had some fun dancing until the parents showed up.

Below you will find all the links for the media we collected today.



Here is a .pdf collection of our notes and artwork for the day:




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