I recommend that all of my music students who are able to, download the following software and use it.

Read Rhythm App – $2.99 on any IOS device (iphone, ipad, ipod touch, …)


If you want to learn to read rhythms, this is the best training program I know of.  It’s fantastic.
If you want to practice playing by ear, just cover up the part of the screen that has the rhythm notation.

Tenuto – Music Theory App – $3.99 on any IOS device (iphone, ipad, ipod touch, …)


Best ear training tool, very inexpensive.  Intervals, Chords, …. so much more!

Ableton LIVE – free demo version

www.ableton.com/live  (mac or pc)

This program is so useful.  You can use it as a click.  You can program drum beats.  You can slow down audio. You can change the key of audio and have it still sound reasonable!  You can mix and match beats/rhythms/melodies/chords.  You can record one part (rhythm for example) and then start improvising or practicing melodies over the top of it.  I recommend that all my students download the free trial version.  $99 for the intro version is not bad either.

The free trial version will let you do everything except save.


What programs do you use to help you learn?


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