If you can get a new recruit to be able to start playing along with a simple popular worship song with just 5 minutes of instruction, you can literally watch the excitement on their faces as they realize that they can actually do it!  And then with that excitement, you can launch them into practicing more and more to do more songs and before you know it, you have a whole team with experience climbing higher and higher.

And in our church family and at our camps, we make sure everyone gets a chance to learn the basics on every instrument.  This not only comes in handy for scheduling, but also for communicating and understanding and listening to the other members in the band.

We would love to bring a team out to teach you this in person, but you can watch these videos for a quick 5 minutes of instruction and then launch in, just like we do at the end.

and finally the whole band!

If you want to try to play along, here is a lofi audio clip with a click and the chords called out over the top of the song, for practice purposes:


2 Responses to From 0 to Worship Band in 5 Minutes

  1. Steve Goatley says:

    Jason, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with this! I am a youth pastor and a worship leader. As such, I am always working with students and trying to help them grow as worship leaders. This really helps put things into perspective!!
    Thanks so much!

    • jchollar says:

      Steve, thanks so much for the encouragement! And if you haven’t checked out the resources at http://www.musicademy.com, they might be worth your while. You can have a kid take month of lessons for $80, or you can hand him a video that will teach him how to play the guitar on the simple songs we sing in church that he can watch over and over, and then pass it along to the next kid! Anyhow, I’m a big fan. 🙂 If you find any similar resources, let me know! Another idea that you can steal from us is having “worship camp” in the summer at your church. Get some of your older youth together and invite some of the younger youth and spend an entire week training them on all the instruments! To see what I mean… check this clip out: http://youtu.be/QMSjtq3tS7c

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